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iRacing Basic Training: Wreck Avoidance. Chap. 8

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iRacing Basic Training:Wreck Avoidance

This is chapter 8 of the “iRacing Basic Training” series. In this week’s Basic Training episode Bryan Blacford will give you some tips to safely handle wreck avoidance manoeuvres. Those who are competing in the iRacing online service probably know the feeling of getting caught up in a wreck, or getting damaged due to an ongoing carnage in front or behind you. In the best scenario this will cost you time or positions, but it can be worse. The much feared iRating. Whenever you contact a car you will receive a -4 safety score. To make things worse, the iRacing service is unable to define the guilt in such a circumstance and will apply a -4 safety score to all involved. friend or foe it does not matter.

So the best way to handle a wreck situation is to react to it as soon as possible. It is a fact that most incidents are avoidable. If you see smoke in the distance, or you see some cars spin, slow down. This will buy you some more time to assess the situation, and react accordingly. When slowing down for a crash in front of you, always remember to keep your eyes on the mirrors to evade a possible surprised contender behind you. For those who want to practice wreck avoidance, or want to study driver behaviour, the best way is to register on a nicely populated practise server. This way you can study racing lines, passing moves and even avoiding incidents, without putting your safety rating at risk.

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