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iRacing – Ferrari 488 GTE Promo Trailer

iRacing - Ford GT-LM GTE and Ferrari 488 GTE Coming June 6

iRacing – Ferrari 488 GTE Promo Trailer

iRacing recently released the Ford GT-LM GTE and the Ferrari 488 GTE for their Online racing platform. For those without an iRacing subscription, they now released the official promo trailer showcasing the prancing horse GT machine in action on the iRacing virtual Le Mans circuit.

Both the Ferrari 488 GTE and Ford GT-LM GTE are available for purchase at the iRacing store for $11.95 each.

Ferrari 488 GTE

The 2016 Ferarri 488 GTE is the successor of the Ferrari 458 GTE wich is probably the Italian Prancing Horse brand’s most successful race car to date. The Ferrari 488 GTE is powered by a race-prepped F 154CB 3.9-liter Twin GDI-turbocharged V8 engine. The engine puts out 490 horses which are transferred to the rear wheels by a Transversal 6 speed sequential gearbox.

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