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iRacing – First look at the Ferrari 488 GTE by ISRTV

iRacing - First look at the Ferrari 488 GTE by ISRTV

iRacing – First look at the Ferrari 488 GTE by ISRTV

There was a time when Porsche’s  and Ferrari’s were a rare breed of brands in Sim Racing due to licensing problems. These days are now gone. The last few months, we could enjoy some of the most exciting content releases yet. And the trend continuities.

A few years ago, most of us did not believe it would ever happen, but here it is. iRacing is getting ready to add the Ferrari 488 GTE to their online racing platform on June 6. Even better so, also the Ford GT-LM GTE will make its iRacing debut on the same day.

John Sabol of Inside Sim Racing is test driving the pre-release version of the upcoming Ferrari 488 GTE. He shared a nice video in which he is driving the new car at the iRacing Le Mans circuit while talking about the visuals, sound, and physics of the upcoming GTE car.

Once the Ford and Ferrari are available, all current GT3 cars except the Porsche will be removed from the iRacing IMSA series. For the upcoming iRacing Le Mans 24 race, the old Ford GT will be removed from the car list, leaving the HPD, the two GT1 cars and the new Ford GT-LM GTE and Ferrari 488 GTE as contenders.

Ferrari 488 GTE

The 2016 Ferarri 488 GTE is the successor of the Ferrari 458 GTE wich is probably the Italian Prancing Horse brand’s most successful race car to date. The Ferrari 488 GTE is powered by a race-prepped F 154CB 3.9-liter Twin GDI-turbocharged V8 engine. The engine puts out 490 horses which are transferred to the rear wheels by a Transversal 6 speed sequential gearbox.

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