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iRacing – Mt. Washington Hillclimb Announced

iRacing - Mt. Washington Hillclimb Announced
iRacing Mt. Washington Hillclimb

When back in April, iRacing revealed the first render of the Formula Vee, the car had a Mt. Washington Hillclimb sticker on it that seemed somewhat out of place on a nimble formula car. Immediately, some community members pointed it out and speculated that it might indicate that something was going on at the iRacing headquarters.

Now it seems they were right.

Senior VP of Product Development at iRacing Greg Hill officially announced that the famous Mt. Washington Hillclimb will be coming to iRacing online racing service.

Taking into account that this Hillclimb project deviates from the regular development process when creating a virtual racing circuit, the iRacing development team has stated that the implementation of the course, did not come without a number of technical challenges. Nevertheless, the work seems to shape up nicely, as iRacing is planning to release an early access version of the course in time for this year’s real-world event.

The Mt. Washington Hillclimb is known as the Climb to the Clouds, a thrilling car race from the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road to the 6,288’ summit. The race has a three-day format, with practice runs on half of the mountain on Friday and Saturday morning. The practice location on either the lower half or the upper half of the mountain depends on the weather.

On race day, each competitor makes two full runs of the technical, steep, and winding mountain road, once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. The field of 80 cars leave the starting line one minute apart from each other to tackle the 7.6 mile Auto Road.

The Auto Road is the oldest man-made attraction in the United States, predating the Indianapolis 500 and the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. It typically takes a car and driver about 30 minutes to reach the summit. The Mt. Washington Hillclimb race is a rare chance to see extreme drivers test their mettle on this extraordinary terrain. 

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