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iRacing Rally Cross & Related Development Info

iRacing Rally Cross & Related Development Info

iRacing Rally Cross

iRacing –  Rally Cross & Related Development Info

iRacing President Tony Gardner shared some new info regarding the iRacing Rally Cross development. Tony confirmed that they are planning to implement the Rally Cross part of iRacing during this year, possibly as soon as in a month’s time. At release, the Rally Cross part of iRacing will most likely contain two cars and three or even four RX circuits.

Furthermore, Tony also revealed that as a side feature for the Rally Cross content, the development team is working on heat racing functionality for both official and hosted racing sessions. Heat racing is a racing format in which short races are leading up to the main feature race.

Tony Gardner quote:


Just an update. Our Rally Cross project is still coming along nicely. It is looking like the initial launch will be two cars and three or four circuits. Not sure on the exact timing but it should be this year. Probably within about a month, we can give a better window for the release.


We also are making good progress on the much-requested feature, new license capability. For example, adding both a dirt oval and dirt road (rally cross) license including iRating & Safety Rating etc. It has taken a while as our whole system, database, license and skill structure was hard-coded for just road and oval licenses. However a good shot we will have the new licenses (dirt oval & dirt road) in our next season build.


We also are working on heat racing functionality for both official racing and hosted racing. Much more on this soon but this new functionality also has a good chance of rolling out this year. We are ideally rolling this capability out with Rally Cross racing for example. We would also set up some dirt oval and short track pavement series with this new functionality! (When the timing is right, for example at the start of a new season).


Although each series does things a little differently, heat racing generally would work very similar to the way it works in the real world and includes some nice functional flexibility. Heat racing, for those not familiar, is short races leading up to the main feature race (A-Main) or the consolation race (B-Main). In iRacing, the mini-tournament would all be part of a single session and the whole thing might last for example 45 minutes. For official racing, it would still be part of an overall series.


There also are much more really great projects in development obviously (more on those later) besides the LMP1 Cars we announced today but I thought I would update on rally cross and a couple projects that are related.


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