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iRacing – RUF RT12 R AWD vs Cones (Video by StabiZ)

RUF RT12 R AWD vs Cones

Its weekend, and that means its time for another StabiZ video. This time we can enjoy some iRacing slo-mo action of the 700+ bhp RUF RT12 R AWD going round the Auto Club Speedway road course. In Stabiz his own words “driving it like a Muppet” we still feel he generated some beautiful footage for us to enjoy. iRacing released four versions of the RUF. For $11.95 you will get all versions of the car. The AWD, C-SPEC, RWD, and a Track/racing version. Wile in the video we can see StabiZ having fun with the all wheel drive version, it is mainly the Track version of the RUF RT12 R that has become the most popular car and series in the  iRacing service.

Not surprisingly we might ad, as this car is easy to drive, yet very demanding when driven on the limit. In our opinion most of todays GT cars could slot in this category. Many times a simulated car feels harder to drive then its real counterpart. While there is some debate possible, that in a simulation, braking distances and corner speeds are not always respected by the driver, there is some truth in the statement.

A while ago some real world GT drivers visited me at home, and had a little go in my Sim Rig with iRacing fired up. surprisingly they both felt that the RUF was very well suited as a training tool. The car was easy to drive, but challenging when trying to find the limit. In comparison the Corvette C6R was perceived as “harder to drive then the real deal” at normal speeds and was found behaving erratic when pushed to a limit. In truth physics perception can be a personal thing. While one person perceives physics and connection to the road as spot on, another person might have the opposite experience. When it comes to the iRacing RUF RT12 R, most people seem to enjoy it big time, and seem to be able to predict how the car is going to behave in certain situations. This is clearly an sign that iRacing is heading in the right direction when it comes to physics for a virtual racing system. For iRacing members out there who have not yet purchased the RUF package… Give it a go. You will not regret it.

The music featured in this StabiZ video is “Hangman” by The Flight.

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