iRacing Season 2 Update 2 deployed

iRacing Season 2 Update 2 deployed

iRacing 2018 Saison 2

iRacing  Season 2 Update 2 deployed has released Season 2 Update 2 for their Online Racing Service. This relatively small build mainly consists of fixes and improvements which should further improve the user experience and smoother running of the racing simulation.

S2 Build 2 Changelog

Championship Points

When determining whether championship points are to be awarded in the Qualify, Heat, or Consolation portions of a Heat Racing event, consult whether the Feature race has enough competitors to meet the series’ minimum starters requirement for the overall event to be official, and thus eligible for points, instead of whether each of those individual sessions within the event had enough competitors to meet that requirement. This change avoids the odd situation where, for example, in a series with a 6-car minimum, Heat 1 might score championship points because it has 6 competitors, while Heat 2 might fail to score championship points because it has only 5 competitors.

Dynamic Track

  • The area of influence for aerodynamics picking up track dust has been widened, but less dust gathered in this way will be returned to the track than previously.
  • Updated the method used to calculate the water content below the track surface to better account for the influence of built-up dirt on top of the prepared surface. The result is that water is lost more readily as cars disturb the built-up dirt.

Hybrid Power Units

  • Hybrid deployment schemes now update end-of-straight speeds to reflect how quickly your car is going. In addition, the system is now capable of marking end-of-straights even when the brakes aren’t applied, which was an issue for turn 1 at Phillip Island, with the MP4-30 in particular.

Paint Shop

  • Leo Bodnar and Simsteering logos have been updated.


  • Fixed an issue where the helmet and visors for the drivers of some vehicles were disappearing at close viewing distances or angles. The vehicles affected include:
    – – Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
    – – Ford Mustang FR500S
    – – Kia Optima
    – – Lotus 79
    – – Mazda MX-5 Cup circa 2015
    – – Mazda MX-5 Roadster circa 2015
    – – Modified – SK
    – – NASCAR Nationwide Chevrolet Impala circa 2011
    – – NASCAR Sprint Cup Chevrolet Impala COT circa 2013
    – – NASCAR Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado circa 2013
    – – Radical SR8
    – – Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype
    – – SCCA Spec Racer Ford
    – – Silver Crown
    – – Sprint Car
    – – Super Late Model
    – – Williams-Toyota FW31

Video Capture

  • The latest version of the D3DGear API has been added. This fixes a conflict with Oculus Rift headsets.


A new switch has been added to the “app.ini” file in the [Force Feedback] section:

  • – – calibUsingRawData=0 1 = Use the older raw parameters to detect input during calibration.
    – – – This may help in the rare case that a wheel is installed with a bad driver and the device can not be detected.


  • A new switch has been added to the “app.ini” file in the [Misc] section:
    – – irsdkAutoLogDisk=0 1 = Force disk-based telemetry logging set to “ON” every time you enter your car. (WARNING: Setting this is bound to fill up your hard drive, make sure you have lots of room (Telemetry can eat a few hundred megabytes per hour)!)


Audi Quattro GTO

  • Fixed an issue where this vehicle could appear to float after taking damage.

Dallara IR18

  • Oval tire wear rate has been reduced slightly and altered oval tire compound very slightly.
  • Fixed an issue with FWEP and FW angles in the garage that impacted the balance/efficiency display. This means you are no longer required to press “Apply” for the correct reading to display.
  • Sidepod collision model has been adjusted to more clearly show damage from side impacts.
  • A tiny adjustment has been made to the drafting system for this vehicle.
  • Additional downforce options have been added for Auto Club Speedway.
  • Season setups have been updated.

Dirt Late Model

  • ALL) – Adjusted opponent cars to remove tire sinkage in backpatched replays.

Dirt Midget

  • Tire carcass stiffness has been increased slightly.
  • Season setups have been updated.

Dirt Sprint Car

  • (ALL) – Maximum brake torque has been reduced slightly.

Dirt Sprint Car – Non-Winged

  • (ALL) – Maximum brake torque has been reduced slightly.

Dirt U.M.P. Modified

  • Season setups have been updated to account for increased tire carcass stiffness.


Eldora Speedway

  • Chain-link fences along the edge of the track should now allow dirt particles to pass through them.

The Dirt Track at Charlotte

  • The track has been updated to have more water on the inside line.

Limaland Motorsports Park

  • The track has been updated to have more water and prepared dirt on the inside line.
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