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iRacingTV – Rebuilding the iRacing user interface

iRacing user interface

iRacingTV – Rebuilding the iRacing user interface

In the latest released build, iRacing already¬†implemented some basic changes to the member’s site layout. ¬†In the latest episode of iRacingTV it is announced that work on a completely revamped interface will continue.

At the moment, the iRacing user interface is part of a separate member website that launches the game when all your selections are made. This means that the game itself starts and shuts down every time you want to access the web based racing interface.

With the new updates in progress, iRacing ultimately aims to implement the entire user interface within the game itself to ensure a better and faster user experience with a massive list of new features.

The included video provides us with a sneak peek of some of the new interface features such as the grid interface, live search, social connections, new guide view and many more.

On of the interesting features shown in this video is the use of rotating 3D models in the interface. The team hinted that you will be able to change the livery in real-time. This could become a major game changer for members who like to paint liveries for use in Trading Paints. Up and till now, creative members had to use the car in-game as a monitoring tool. If this new spinner 3D model is usable as a reference while working on skins, it would drastically improve the workflow and accuracy when creating Trading Paints liveries.

Another major feature will be the ability to freely move all the in-game onscreen info boxes and arrange them to your own liking in a way very similar as the current Assetto Corsa interface.

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