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Is Shaun Cole coming back with his own Sim Racing show? (Update! The SimPit confirmed)

the simpit Shaun Cole

Shaun Cole is back! Have a look at “The SimPit”

the simpit Shaun Cole

Most Sim Racers probably know Shaun Cole as the very likable sidekick of Darin Gangi from the Inside Sim Racing show. In the end of Last year Shaun left ISR.TV for private reasons that are not know, and probably not of our concern. When Darin Gangi explained that Shaun would no longer be a member of the show, a lot of Sim Racing fanatics expressed their regrets, and judging by the many posts and comments online, it became clear how popular Shaun had become in our little Sim Racing community.

Today a set of interesting photo’s appeared online together with a registered domain with the name “The Simpit”. At this time no details are made public, but it looks like Shaun Cole will start his own Sim Racing Related Show, or Website.

Update:  v8sonline recorded a Video interview with Shaun, conforming that “The SimPit” will be a new Sim Racing Show and will be launched very soon.  ( Check out the video on the bottom of this article.)

During his Inside Sim Racing period, Shaun has always shown his passion for Sim Racing hardware, and often had a technical in-depth look at the items on review. This might indicate how a Shaun cole show could look, and what to expect from the popular Sim Racing Show host.

Like we stated, it is not yet clear how, what and when “The SimPit” will be, but we can say without a doubt that many people within the Sim Racing Community will welcome the project, whatever it may be, and we are sure it will be more than interesting. Let’s wish him good luck.For those interested in the ” The Simpit” T-Shirt, check out this link.

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