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Wave Italy Impetus Pedal Set Review By The Simpit

Wave Italy Impetus Pedal Set Review By The Simpit

Shaun Cole of The Simpit reviews the high-end Wave Italy Impetus Pedal set.

The Wave Impetus Pedals are designed with the latest generation 3D CAD software and are precision machined out of anodized aluminumĀ to ensure maximum strengthĀ and reliability. In order to simulate real-worldĀ racing conditions, the brake pedal allows anĀ operating pressure up to 200 KgĀ and aĀ force on the pedal up to 100kg. For more detailed info, check out Shaun’s review video.

TheĀ Wave ImpetusĀ 3 pedal set and pedal-baseĀ comboĀ is on sale for ā‚¬1500 + shipping.

Impetus Pedal Set Features

Total customization’s freedom

  • Fully customizableĀ ergonomic adjustment.
  • Pedals inclination and position of settable platesĀ for every need.
  • Easy adjustment ofĀ the distance between the pedals.
  • Possibility to customize 100% the curve Force/brake shift
  • AdjustableĀ support base.
  • TheĀ pedal supportĀ (optional) allows toĀ install on the floor, simulation platforms, or to hang itĀ for traditional sessions.
  • Scuff plates, supplied with the optional support, to guide the heel position and the ergonomic adjustment of the leg/ankle angle.

Pedals Performance – Adjusting forces

Accelerator Pedal:

  • The operating force applied on the accelerator can be adjusted to 7 different values, from the softest to the hardest.
  • Preload adjustable pedal force in two positions.
  • Professional rotating sensor, 5 million cycles and a resolution of 0.3Ā°
  • Pedal corner with 2 positions:
    • Change in static position of +/- 10 Ā° pedal.
    • “End” adjustment: micrometer pedal position’s setting of 12.5 Ā° through the strut threaded.
  • Pedal stroke adjustable up to 25 Ā° with a mechanical stop.

Brake Pedal:

  • Variation of the static pedal’s position of +/- 10 Ā°.
  • The feedback has been featured on the telemetric curve of real cars to reproduce faithfully the sensations of a professional pilot’s driving. Thanks to our patented system – Patent Pending – it is possible to change the brake pedal feedback replacing the standard internal module with the ones supplied by Wave Italy to get feedback from a road, GT or Formula 1 car or customize it at choice.
  • The brake, equipped with a professional load cell, allows an operating pressure up to 200 Kg and a pedal force of up to 100kg.

Clutch Pedal:

The operating force applied to the clutch can be adjusted to 7 different values; Also the cam effect, to simulate the release of the clutch disc’s springs, is adjustable from soft to hard based on different settings.

Customizable base included

The pedals must be installed on a solid supporting base that enhances the ergonomics of the product. On the supplied base have been obtained guides that allow placing the pedals according to a customizable distance in order to guarantee customerā€™s comfort. It is also possible to adjust the grade of the base itself so that the driving position is optimized.

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