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ISI Announced the ‘Closing the Gap’ Film

rFactor 2 - Studio397 - Closing the Gap

ISI Announced the ‘Closing the Gap’ Film

On the 15th September 2016, at the Sim Racing Expo in Germany, Image Space Incorporated (ISI) announced a strategic partnership with the Dutch software group Luminis to accelerate rFactor2’s development. In essence rFactor 2 is now brought into a new company named Studio397.

Now Image Space Inc. or should we say Studio397 has published a new trailer video introducing an upcoming film. The ‘Closing the Gap’ film is a story about a group of friends who share a love of one sport and formed a team together while never having actually met each other.

Online racing has increasingly become more popular the last few years. Computer and networking technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that the sim racing world we all love so much is presented with new opportunities on almost a daily basis. As with every hobby out there, a common interest also has the potential to bring like-minded people together and enrich their social lives.

This is what motivated sim racer and filmmaker Ed Trevelyan-Johnson, to make a short film about the lead-up to the rFactor 2 Virtual Endurance Championship’s 24 Hours of Le Mans’ where he personally meets the members of his virtual racing team for the first time. Definitely, a ‘must see’ for all sim racing enthusiasts.

If all goes well, the film should be ready for release before the end of Q1 2017.

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