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Kart Racing Pro beta 13 Available – Lotus Karts included

Kart Racing Pro - Lotus Karts included

Kart Racing Pro beta 13 Available – Lotus Karts included

Piboso has released the Beta 13 version of his Kart Racing Pro Simulator. The Kart Racing Pro simulator is based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates kart dynamics and setup options.

Besides a list of fixes, Piboso also introduced a few new features such as exhaust smoke, automatic ballast adjustment, a replay laps list and a set of new helmet cameras. Content wise, Kart Racing Pro Beta 13 makes the Lotus Racing Karts available. To ensure a realistic and quality simulation of the Lotus Karts , Piboso is supported by the official Lotus Karts Company. (

You can download a (739 MB) version of Kart Racing Pro that works as a demo until unlocked entering a license key. You can purchase the Kart Racing Pro Licence for 32 Euro. With the license you will have no time limit, support, software updates and additional content.


Beta 13 Changelog:

  • fix: plugins wheel material
  • fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
  • fix: data mismatch info
  • fix: trainer suit
  • new: automatic ballast adjustment
  • new: replay laps list
  • new: helmet cameras
  • new: exhaust smoke
  • new: Lotus Racing Karts

Kart Racing Pro features:

  • automotive industry-standard tyre model
  • dynamic track surface groove buildup
  • wet track simulation and dynamic drying
  • dynamic marbles generation
  • tyres pickup of marbles, grass and dirt, affecting grip
  • output of CSV files with telemetry data to analyze driving sessions
  • a plugins interface allows external programs to receive real-time data from the simulated kart
  • LAN and online racing. Dedicated server available
  • support of custom paint schemes for kart, helmet and suit
  • advanced users can build new tracks and integrate them with the provided tools
  • user-selectable driver gestures
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