Kart Racing Pro beta 15 released

Kart Racing Pro beta 15 released

Kart Racing Pro beta 15 released

Piboso has released Beta version 15 of his Kart Racing Pro Karting simulator.

This new update contains a selection of fixes and new features. Furthermore, Beta 15 features improved support for the Oculus Rift VR headset and adds the Lonato kart track to the simulator. The above Oculus Rift video shows us a couple of laps at the new Lonato circuit featuring the 2016 layout.


  • fix: chassis simulation
  • fix: aerodynamic simulation
  • fix: tires’ physics data
  • fix: race gap calculation
  • fix: track animations timer
  • fix: kart selection page optimization
  • fix: allow for a separate track layout image
  • fix: screen resolution setting
  • fix: plugins sprites color
  • fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
  • fix: input plugins POV support
  • fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.3.x
  • fix: user-interface background
  • new: karts default setups support
  • new: garage wheels load and ride height readouts
  • new: compare setups option
  • new: fixed setup option 
  • new: default controller profiles support
  • new: intake paint support
  • new: dash paint support
  • new: option to force the rolling start
  • new: wing support
  • new: moving wing support
  • new: shared skies support
  • new: random skies support
  • new: support for dash flashing led
  • new: driver and camera set selection from the plugin
  • new: Vsync setting
  • new: MyChron5 dash
  • new: Lonato 2016


Kart Racing Pro passed the Steam Greenlight stage, and will soon become available on the Kart Racing Pro Steam product page.

Piboso mentioned that at this time he has no plans to support the Steam workshop. However, you will be able to download modding and third party content for Kart Racing Pro by means of a game launcher that allows you to browse, download, vote and submit mods. At the time of writing, Piboso is not sure if existing Kart Racing Pro accounts will be migrated to a Steam Key. In either case, both the Steam and manual downloads will remain available.



On the official Kart Racing Pro website, you can already download a (805 MB) version of Kart Racing Pro that works as a demo until unlocked entering a license key. You can purchase the Kart Racing Pro Licence for 33 Euro. With this license, there will be no time limit and you will get support, software updates and additional content for the game.

Official Webpage – www.kartracing-pro.com