Kart Racing Pro – Beta 6 released.


Kart Racing Pro – Beta 6 released.

Kart Racing Pro is a realistic karting simulator.
The aim is to create a software useful as a training tool for real drivers, based on a scratch built physics engine that accurately simulates kart dynamics and setup options. As such a steering wheel is strongly recommended, although keyboard, joysticks and gamepads are fully supported.

Kart Racing Pro also allows to host and join online races, with an integrated matchmaking server. During events data is collected, to provide statistics for drivers’ comparison.

More features:

  • output of CSV files with telemetry data to analyze driving sessions
  • support of custom paint schemes for kart, helmet and suit
  • a plugins interface allows external programs to receive realtime data from the simulated kart
  • advanced users can build new tracks and integrate them with the provided tools


  • fix: dedicated server replay
  • fix: dedicated server dynamic track surface reset
  • fix: rolling start corridors crossing penalty
  • fix: gap in race classification
  • fix: poll across a server restart
  • fix: setup page on track bug
  • fix: remote karts sunk into the ground
  • fix: possibility to reconnect to a server with a different kart
  • fix: cleanup of disconnected drivers with no laps
  • fix: disconnected drivers greyed out in classification
  • fix: improved mouselook
  • fix: look left/right/back
  • fix: faster cleanup of dirt tires
  • new: free-roam replay camera
  • new: wizard to setup steering wheel rotation
  • new: display of position and gap and the end of a race
  • new: Rye House track

 Official Webpage and Download @ http://www.kartracing-pro.com




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