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Kart Racing Pro beta14b released

Kart Racing Pro beta14b released

Kart Racing Pro beta14b released

Two days ago Piboso brought Kart Racing Pro to the Steam Greenlight platform to bring the simulation to a whole new audience. While doing so he also released a new Beta update bringing the Kart Racing Pro title to version 14b.

If everything works out as planned, the full version of Kart Racing Pro should be ready during the first quarter of 2016. As usual the update contains a selection of fixes and optimizations. Piboso also implemented a set of new features as listed below.

To make it past the Steam Greenlight process Piboso needs our help. Please support Piboso by voting YES on the official Kart Racing Pro Steam Greenlight page.

You can download a (739 MB) version of Kart Racing Pro that works as a demo until unlocked entering a license key. You can purchase the Kart Racing Pro Licence for 33 Euro. With this license there will be no time limit and you will get support, software updates and additional content for the game.



  • fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
  • fix: steering geometry
  • fix: ballast inertia
  • fix: camber and toe setup
  • fix: reconnection during a race
  • fix: dedicated server pause / resume
  • fix: exhaust smoke multiple pipes support
  • fix: improved alpha mipmapping
  • fix: improved 3D grass rendering
  • fix: Unipro shift lights
  • new: axle damage
  • new: physics driver lean
  • new: laps race length option
  • new: event name
  • new: dedicated server save option
  • new: output plugins race data
  • new: EdTracker support
  • new: possibility to disable a joystick input
  • new: steer speed sensitivity option
  • new: replay orbit camera speed
  • new: engine and intake paint support
  • new: HUD lights
  • new: terrain deformation
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