KartKraft Build Deployed

KartKraft Build

Studio Black Delta released a new update for the KartKraft karting simulator.

Besides a list of fixes and improvements, Build V0.1.0.2929 introduces the biggest change to the handling of the karts since the launch of KartKraft.

What began as an analysis of tyre loads when riding over curbs, quickly became a much deeper investigation into the damping response of the tyres with respect to the rate of change of steering input.

This uncovered a bug in the method used to calculate the damping velocity of the tyre and after it was resolved, we witnessed much more consistent loads across varying steering input rates of change. As such, all tyres/classes have been re-tuned with the result being an improved and much more natural driving feel that allows you to lean on the tyres during cornering, trail brake, and lap consistently with more detailed force feedback.

We’ve also been working with Valve to investigate and fix the issues causing some players’ wheels not being detected by KartKraft despite Steam Input being disabled both by the player and in the steam game backend. Valve has now released a patch for Steam and we have made changes that should resolve this for all players. Despite the good news, however, this change does require all controllers to be rebound.

Restart your Steam client if you have not yet received the update.

The early access version of KartKraft is currently available on Steam for €17,99.

Official Webpage – kartkraftgame.com

Build Changelog:

  • Improved implementation of Minimum Force for wheel force feedback
  • Improved FFB algorithm
  • Added basic support for Logitech Wheel LED lights
  • Reduced stopping force of gravel traps
  • Setup parameters now display the significant digit when set to values below 1. i.e 0.1 rather than .1
  • Fixed bug where the controller would receive force feedback when the wheel is being used and vice versa
  • Fixed tyre damping bug that caused incorrect loads when cornering
  • Improved tyre and handling model for KA100, X30, and KZ2 classes
  • Fixed issue where Steam would steal Direct Input wheel control away from the game.
  • This change will require you to rebind your wheel
  • Added frame identifier to UDP telemetry.
  • Telemetry clients can now validate telemetry frames using KartKraft.Frame.FrameBufferHasIdentifier(bytes)
  • Fix for wheel input being overridden by Steam when the user has Steam Input enabled
  • HUD now shows vehicle class
  • Fixed leaderboard not updating after exit of time trial event
  • Easy/Medium AI retuned to make them easier
  • Fixed crash when adjusting KZ2 drivetrain sprocket teeth.
  • Fixed AI vehicles sometimes failing to load