Kartkraft Build v0.1.0.2309 Deployed

Kartkraft Build v0.1.0.2309 Deployed

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Kartkraft Build v0.1.0.2309 Deployed

Studio Black Delta released Build v0.1.0.2309 for its KartKraft karting simulator.

Besides the usual fixes and improvements, this update adds dynamic skies with improved lighting. For now, the development team temporarily disabled the dynamic weather features. The weather settings are currently locked to the cloudy/overcast preset. Restart your Steam client if the update does not start automatically.

The early access version of KartKraft is available on Steam for 17,99€.


  • New: Dynamic skies with improved lighting for all tracks. Weather currently locked to cloudy/overcast.
  • New: Added new camera view when returning to pits. Placement is temporary until team tents are placed.
  • New: Added backlights to Alfano and Mychron data loggers.
  • Fixed: Bug which caused track wear to be invisible.
  • Removed FFB skip steps preference as it is no longer required with the new FFB algorithm.
  • Improved: Adjusted high and ultra shadow quality settings to reduce the appearance of floating vehicles. High settings are equivalent to Ultra in previous builds, with Ultra now including extra shadow detail.
  • Improved: Increased friction coefficient on kerbing from 0.7 to 0.8 Improved: NTK mod track has been updated, now with kerb placements.
  Official Webpage – kartkraftgame.com


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