KartKraft – Build V0.1.0.2964 Deployed

KartKraft Build V0.1.0.2964
KartKraft by Studio Black Delta

Yesterday, Game developer, publisher, and eSports ecosystem provider Motorsport Games Inc. announced that they have acquired the assets and the business of KartKraft, the highly acclaimed PC kart racing simulator, from developer Black Delta.

While this takeover might have an impact on the near future and eSports direction of the popular Karting Simulator, it has not stopped Black Delta to continue work as usual, as they have released a new update for KartKraft including a small list of fixes and improvements.

Restart your Steam client if you have not yet received the update.

The early access version of KartKraft is currently available on Steam for €17,99.

Official Webpage – kartkraftgame.com

Build Changelog:

  • Reduced load sensitivity of MG Yellow tyres
  • Reduced default brake strength for newly purchased KA100 vehicles so braking is much easier to control
  • Fixed bug where some wheels would auto-centre when using a 180 degree steer limit
  • Fixed input errors when attempting to play using gamepad with a correctly bound but unplugged steering wheel
  • Fixed some glitches in input settings menu when using wheel controls
  • Fixed some undesirable wheel forces when retiring from race
  • Added a 2sec fade in for FFB when transitioning to driving. (This will be improved for rolling/flying starts in a future update.)
  • Added a mild FFB soft-lock at steering wheel limits
  • Added a debug launch option
  • DebugUDPTelemetry. If set, all telemetry will be logged to project_k.log for debugging problems with motion rigs. Warning: use sparingly, and remember to turn it off, as it can result in very large log files.