KartKraft – Update V0.1.0.2823 Released

KartKraft karting simulator

Studio Black Delta released a new update for its KartKraft karting simulator, adding the IAME KA100 class, and a tyre model update.

Restart your Steam client if you have not yet received the update.

The early access version of KartKraft is currently available on Steam for €8,99. ( 50% price reduction)

Official Webpage – kartkraftgame.com

V0.1.0.2823 Changelog:


  • The IAME KA100 class has been added to KartKraft. With 22HP and a maximum RPM of 15,000, the new class uses the medium grip MG Red tyre and requires very precise and smooth inputs to achieve good lap times. We look forward to your feedback on the new class.

Tyre Model

  • The tyre model has been updated to include a 3D thermodynamic model that simulates the heat transfer between the asphalt, contact patch, tread, pressurized air, and rim. No longer static, the entire carcass and tread around the circumference of the tyre is affected by contact pressure and sliding friction which results in localized hotspots and the new ability to overheat the tyre if driving and sliding too hard. Future updates will include different rim materials that allow for better dissipation of heat and more stable changes in pressure.
  • A visualization of the 3D tread has been added to the HUD. Note: Existing setups will need to be updated to extract the maximum performance from the new model.


  • The calculation of forces being applied to the steering column has been improved resulting in a much more refined signal and smoother driving experience.

GKCV Reverse

  • The reverse layout of GKCV has been added which presents a different challenge with the blind uphill entry to turn 1.


  • Setup parameters now show their respective units. i.e PSI, Degrees etc
  • HUD elements are now zoomable and moveable using mouse wheel
  • Fixed crash when changing gear ratios on the KZ2 class of karts
  • Kerb response has been improved with a reduced likelihood of flipping
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