KartSim Development announcement

KartSim Unreal Engine 4

KartSim Development announcement. Going UnReal

Zach Griffin posted a quick update on KartSim’s progress and also shared a big announcement. Zach has been helping out being part of the Unreal Engine 4 Beta program. While his existing prototype of KartSim is written in Unity, Zach has been porting his title to the much more powerful, robust and feature complete, Unreal Engine 4.

This engine will make the already amazing features of KartSim even better. The ported version will add support for Oculus VR, Linux and Mac versions. Zach also announced that modding via Steam Workshop will be a major feature. Details such as tyre walls that break apart into individual tyres will become possible. It is also reported that the dev team is working on the sound quality of KartSiim. Improving the engine sounds is regarded a must.

For the creative members of the community Zach will be releasing templates of the helmets and team tents, and will also supply a tutorial on how to texture them.  Zach promises  that he will reveal a lot more features soon, and when we hear about them, we will keep you posted.

KartSim is a multi-player kart racing game with sandbox stunt driving and serious racing game modes. You will be able to create and customize the Karts and drivers to build your own exclusive team by means of custom liveries, helmets and team accessories. KartSim features real kart physics and will simulate the flex of the Kart chassis.This chassis flex will behave as a damage model so so might and up with a bent chassis due to your driving style. By the time of launch KarSim will feature five laser scanned tracks and five different karting classes. Once the Early Access version is released more content will be added, and the game will be upgraded with AI and a Multiplayer mode.

Official Webpage – http://http://www.KartSim.com