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Live For Speed – TEST PATCH V0.6B8




Live For Speed – TEST PATCH V0.6B8

Here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6B8

You can read about why this update was needed in the main forum thread :

0.6B8 is NOT compatible with version 0.6B
0.6B8 CAN play replays from version 0.6B

You cannot upload hotlaps made with 0.6B8 because it is a test patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6B so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6B6 to 0.6B7 :

  • FIX : Guests were often kicked after another took over their car Instead of “LAG (seconds)” now “username (seconds)” is displayed
  • Timer bounding increased to 30 sec for normal LFS (graphic mode)
  • Timer bounding stays at 6 sec for non-graphical dedicated hosts

Changes from 0.6B5 to 0.6B6 :

  • Repaired most translations with a small update on one line
  • FIX : Guest disconnected if host used InSim IS_PLC packet

Changes from 0.6B to 0.6B5 :

Improved multiplayer system :

  • Game only needs host packets to continue processing
  • Quicker joining to host – no waiting for other players
  • No waiting for packets from players with slow connections
  • Leaving a host is instantaneous even if a guest is connecting
  • Longer timeouts avoid disconnection due to short interruptions

(NOTE : no change to physics – old replays are still valid)

Other changes :

  • Two new translations : Indonesian and Romanian
  • New hacker protection applied to multiplayer packets
  • Improved checks on validity of user names while connecting
  • User names now confirmed with master server after connection
  • OOS / CPW messages now show user name instead of player name
  • Removed message “Got master packet” from network debug output
  • No buffer overflows from hangs or operating system time changes
  • User name in brackets now shown at end of disconnection messages
  • New “Authorised” message on host links user name with ip address
  • Race setup screen /clear command can now only be used by admins
  • Ability of guests to vote or select tracks now enforced by host

InSim :

  • Added new leave reasons (CPW / OOS / JOOS / HACK) for IS_CNL
  • Change to in-game usage of IS_REO – only valid after SMALL_VTA

Fixes :

  • Custom view was not set to new car type on replay restart
  • Duplicate lines in scripts could cause unexpected results
  • Virtual speedo sometimes overlapped numbers (e.g. XRG km/h)
  • Circuit length is no longer displayed for open configurations
  • LFS could crash when displaying laps for fuel after short laps
  • Ready status in lobby is now checked when a player disconnects
  • Load WE1R on dedicated host – Checkpoint 1 path node not found
  • User’s controller type was not shown after taking over a car
  • SHIFT+R near end of SPR could make cars swap between players

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