Live For Speed version 0.6R released – Blackwood Update

Live For Speed version 0.6R released - Blackwood Update

Blackwood update LFS

Live For Speed version 0.6R released – Blackwood Update

A new patch for Live for Speed has been released. As usual, the update contains a healthy number of fixes and improvements but is also featuring a new Blackwood racing environment.

For years, Blackwood has been one of the most popular tracks in LFS. The original track which was already a beauty now feature updated textures and track details. Furthermore, the LFS crew added a Historic layout to the two existing courses (GP and Rallycross). For licensed racers, a new industrial estate area is accessible through the open configuration.

Please read the full list of changes below.



Changes from 0.6Q to 0.6R:

New Blackwood environment:

  • New textures, geometry and detail improvements all around
  • New Historic configuration (similar to GP but without chicane)
  • New industrial estate area available when open config selected

Other incompatible changes:

  • XRG / XRT / FZ5 maximum steering angle increased to 45 degrees
  • Spawn position now disables “Could not join : Start is blocked”
  • Maximum number of layout objects increased to 2100 (was 1800)


  • Reduced the frequency of IS_OBH packets due to Blackwood kerbs
  • IS_OBH is always reported, as before, for movable objects
  • TYRE contacts no longer report IS_OBH for unmovable objects
  • BODY contacts also report unmovable objects played in a layout


  • New small map view for open configs/car parks/autocross areas
  • Small map opacity can now be set for light and dark map colors
  • Improvements on track selection screen using the area maps

Graphics :

  • Shadows are no longer cast upwards or towards the light
  • Ambient (non-direct) shadow darkness now depends on distance
  • Skid marks now remain when race restarts (excluding replays)
  • Increased LOD distances of humans/drivers/marshalls
  • Skid marks are now visible on unmovable layout objects


  • Westhill paths adjusted and regenerated to avoid graphical holes
  • Autocross paths regenerated and physical hole fixed at skid pad
  • New text command /lang X to load language (data\language\X.txt)


  • FIX : LFS could crash using /axload with a long layout name
  • FIX : Traffic lights did not work after texture resolution change
  • FIX : Message text was faded on entering free view from escape menu
  • FIX : Removed message “Side mirror – point too central”
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