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Max Verstappen drives Codemasters F1 2017

Max Verstappen drives Codemasters F1 2017

Max Verstappen drives Codemasters F1 2017

In honor of this weekend’s British Grand Prix, Codemasters published an F1 2017 gameplay video featuring Dutch Formula One driver Max Verstappen.

At the ‘Hall of Fame’ in in Red Bull Racing’s headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK. Max was racing the virtual 2017 Red Bull Racing RB13 and the 2010 Red Bull Racing RB6 around the F1 2017 ‘Silverstone Short’ circuit. In addition to all 20 official 2017 circuits being present in the new Codemasters game, F1 2017 will also include four shortened circuit variations. These variations are available in all game modes and can be raced with either the 2017 or classic cars.

Verstappen said: I really like the game and it is a lot more fun to drive with the new cars. The graphics are a lot better, they’ve made the cars more realistic, and that’s always good. I like the detail on the classic cars involved and it’s always nice to drive those old legendary cars. I think it’s a great game, it’s definitely a lot of fun to play.


The 2017 RB13 feels really good in the game with the extra grip from the new 2017 car designs as well as from the wider tires, resulting in faster cornering speeds which require more precision. In comparison, the classic RB6 is lighter, with a slower top speed, and later braking, and of course the biggest stand out being the sound of the engine.

F1 2017 the game will feature all the rules, cars, teams, and drivers of the Formula One World Championship but will also let you drive some of the most iconic historic cars ever raced in Formula 1, The full list of the included classic F1’s will be revealed in the coming weeks. Furthermore, the game will feature an enhanced career mode, numerous multiplayer improvements, a brand new ‘Championships’ game modes.The included classic cars will be available to play in several modes, including online multiplayer and time trials.

F1 2017 will be available on 25 August 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC via both DVD and Steam. Codemasters also confirmed that there will be an optional Special Edition release, but did not yet reveal any details regarding its content.

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Max Verstappen - Codemasters F1 2017   Max Verstappen - Codemasters F1 2017

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