More MotoGP 21 Preview Screenshots

MotoGP 21 Game

Italian game developer Milestone published some more preview screenshots showcasing the upcoming 2021 version of the MotoGP game franchise.

MotoGP 21 will be available on April 22 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, Steam, and Epic Games Store. 

The new motorbike racing game will feature the official 2021 MotoGP season, including all riders, teams, and tracks of the official MotoGP roster. Furthermore, players will be able to relive the MotoGP history with more than 40 historic riders and their iconic bikes featured in the game.

New features:

  • Bike Retrieval Sequence – Once you fall, you’ll no longer automatically respawn on track. You’ll have to get up and get back on your bike, as fast as you can. Pay attention to how you take corners.
  • Brake Temperature – Riding is not only a matter of speed but also of strategy. Monitoring the temperature of your brakes is the key to always having the situation under control. If they are too hot or too cold they risk losing their effectiveness.
  • Long Lap Penalty – Finally, the feature is coming to the MotoGP video game franchise, meaning that penalties can now be more specific.
  • Bike Suspension System Revised – The level of realism is increasing again. This feature is dedicated to all bike simulation fans.

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