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MotoGP 20 GamePlay Trailer

MotoGP 20 Gameplay Trailer

On April 23, Italian game developer Milestone and publisher PQube will release the official 2020 version of the MotoGP game franchise for the PlayStation4, Xbox One, Windows PC/STEAM, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

To get the fans excited, Milestone now published the first MotoGP 20 gameplay teaser showing us Valentino Rossi on his Yamaha doing a lap at the Italian Mugello circuit in dry conditions.

The MotoGP 20 game will feature the official 2020 MotoGP season, with all riders, official rosters from MotoGP, including the brand new Finnish circuit “Kymiring”.

The latest iteration of the official MotoGP franchise will bing the fans a nice list of new features such as the Managerial Career, a brand new Historic Mode to collect the most iconic riders and bikes, a faster and more natural AI, new graphic editors to customize your bike, fuel management, asymmetrical tires’ consumption, aerodynamic damages that will impact bike’s aesthetics and performances, last but not least an improved online experience.

MotoGP 20


Managerial Career

MotoGP™20 was specially created for players who are not afraid of making decisions. This year, the Managerial Career is finally back with brand new features! Are you ready to experience the MotoGP™ championship all the way?

You can count on a complete team of professionals, such as your Personal Manager, the Chief Engineer, and the Data Analyst. Their role will be essential to find engagements, collect your racing data and develop the bike. Wanna find out how useful they can be? Visit our dedicated news section.

Extreme Realisme

If you want to be the fastest, you’ll need the best bike, that’s why MotoGP™20 allows you to develop and upgrade your bike in every single aspect. You’ll be able to adjust your bike in multiple ways: Aerodynamics, Electronics, Engine power and consumption, Chassis.

We’ve known for a long time that challenges don’t scare you. So we needed something really tough to test your skills, that’s why we introduced a more realistic braking management, Tire Wear and Fuel Consumption.

Graphic Editors

Our Graphic Editor is certainly one of the most acclaimed and appreciated features by all players. That’s why MotoGP™20 introduces new liveries in perfect MotoGP™ style, perfect to personalize the bike of your Custom Team. Use the Livery Editor to change the colors of the Fairing and of the rider’s suit!

Dedicated Servers

We tasted the “Low Latency” and now we can no longer do without it! So we decided to continue to harness the power of the Dedicated Servers provided by Amazon Web Services and to evolve our online game modes such as Public Match, Private Match, and Race Director Mode, improving their quality even further.

Neural AI

We strongly believe in the potential of neural networks applied to the world of video games. The previous version of A.N.N.A. was smarter, faster and more efficient… and still, it was not enough. So we decided to “go beyond”: MotoGP™20 will feature a Neural AI 2.0, even more, efficient in terms of driving and, above all, capable of managing tire wear and fuel consumption. The new Neural AI will take the challenge to the next level, to challenge you beyond your limits.

Renewed Historical Mode

The history of the MotoGP™ is certainly made of epic moments, but it’s the challenge that turned the great champions of the past into legends. This year, we designed a game mode with different race challenges randomly generated: race and win to unlock new riders and new motorcycles! Be careful not to miss the rarest bikers, collect them all and test the new physics on the most powerful bikes in the history of the Top Class.

2020 Season

You will have all the drivers of all the classes of the Season 2020 and all the tracks, including the brand new Finnish circuit “Kymiring”.

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