New Forza Motorsport – Official Announcement Trailer

New Forza Motorsport – Official Announcement Trailer

As part of today’s Xbox Games Showcase event, Turn 10 Studios revealed the official announcement video trailer for their newest edition to the Forza Motorsport racing series franchise.

Currently, the upcoming Forza title is confirmed for Xbox Series X and Windows 10 PC, with the Xbox Series X featuring a native 4K resolution, ray tracing, and 60fps gameplay.

The new announcement trailer shows us what are called in-engine graphics, meaning that the visuals do not represent actual gameplay, but act as a showreel of the graphics engine capabilities.

Surprisingly, the trailer is announcing the title as Forza Motorsport, leaving the numerical naming behind. This could indicate we can expect a game-changing version. During a Livestream back in December 2019, Turn 10 Creative Director Chris Esaki already hinted that the upcoming Forza title could be considered a reboot of the series, as it will be vastly different in comparison to previous iterations of the game.

During the same Livestream, Chris teased some of the new features coming to Forza, which led us to believe that we might see a more realistic and sim racing flavored release. On the physics side, he mentioned a new tire model, a new tire pressure mode, a new way to let heat interact with the tire pressure, dynamic track temperatures, dynamic rubbering-in of the track, a new atmosphere pressure system that accurately has pressure affecting things like air density affecting tire dynamics and power, an entirely new suspension system with new suspension modeling.

On the gaming side of things, he hinted at a new online racking system, a new online ghosting system, full day to night transitions, Rally and Off-road racing, and the return of the Clubs feature, where players can create or join clubs to compete for a global ranking or benefit from shared Bucket List challenges and XP bonuses.

While no official release schedule is shared, it is rumored that the new Forza Motorsport will not make it as an Xbox Series X launch title, but will be released early 2021. As we said, these are just rumors. It is already confirmed that the game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass library at launch.

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