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New iRacing Dirt Sprint Car Preview

New iRacing Dirt Sprint Car Preview

iRacing DIRT Winged Sprint car

New iRacing DIRT preview

While iRacing has just updated their online racing platform content with the IMSA Audi 90 GTO and the Nissan GTP ZX Turbo, the major new content project is still progressing behind the scenes. It is no secret that the iRacing development team are working on some impressive new features and content for their DIRT sim racing addition that will be coming to the iRacing Online Racing Service in the near future.

Today they have posted a new in-game screenshot, showing us the #25 winged Dirt Sprint Car in action at the Eldora Speedway. Sprint cars are popular high-powered race cars designed primarily for the purpose of running on short oval or circular dirt or paved tracks. Typically powered by a 6 liter American V8 engine, these small but very powerful cars produce as much as 1,100 horsepower giving them an incredible power to weight ratio. The 410 Sprint car exist as a winged and non-winged version.

The dev team stated that the DIRT track physics, art, and track dynamics systems will all work together in real-time, resulting in a very dynamic and realistic track environment. Just as in the real world, the loose dirt that is thrown up by the tires will develop a groove and accumulate into a dirt wall. This will result in a constantly changing track based on the real-time racing action taking place.

Besides the Sprint Car, iRacing is also working a Ford Fiesta rallycross car and three version of the DIRT Late Model, namely the Super Late Model, Limited Late Model, and a Late Model Stock. Needless to say, the cars will be using a new DIRT tire model.

Next to the pictured Eldora Speedway, the Williams Grove Speedway will most likely be the second DIRT track released. As far as the rallycross tracks are concerned, no more definite information has been given at this time.

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iRacing 410 Dirt Sprint Car  iRacing 410 Dirt Sprint Car