Next-Gen PlayStation Features Confirmed

Next-Gen PlayStation Features Confirmed

It is not a secret that Sony Entertainment is already working on its next-generation PlayStation console currently named PlayStation 5.  Up until now, Sony did not reveal the real name, nor any details regarding the new Console hardware. However, during a recent Wired interview at Sony’s headquarters in Foster City, California with Mark Cerny who is the console’s lead architect confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not just be an upgraded version of the current-gen console, and will feature entirely new hardware.

According to the interview, the PS5 will be powered by an AMD eight-core CPU based on AMD’s third-gen Ryzen series based on the new 7nm Zen 2 microarchitecture, The system will feature increased system memory and will be fitted with one or more high-speed Solid State Drives for fast loading times. The visuals will be powered by a custom GPU based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware that is capable of delivering ray-tracing graphics.

Interestingly, the PS5 will support 8K visuals, 3D audio and will be backward compatible with existing PlayStation 4 games. While Sony did not yet reveal its future PSVR plans, they did confirm that the existing PSVR headset will continue to work with the PlayStation 5.

While there is no official launch date shared, it is said that Sony already deployed a number of PS5 devkits. However, Mark Cerny did state that we won’t be seeing the PS5 released in 2019, nor will we hear much about the console at E3 in June.

The question remains. Will the release of a new next-gen PlayStation console also introduce a brand new Gran Turismo title?

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