Next Level Racing Presented The Traction+ Motion Platform

Next Level Racing Presented The Traction+ Motion Platform

At the recent 2018 edition of the ADAC Sim Racing Expo in Germany, the Australian Next Level Racing company proudly presented their upcoming Traction+ platform.

The Next Level Racing Traction+ can be used as a stand-alone simulation platform or combined with the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3. The platform provides yaw, pendulum and understeer movements, traction loss and power slides and combined with the V3 motion platform additional lateral and longitudinal forces, rolling, pitching and partial lifting of the seat.

The Traction+ slider system can support a total payload up to 245 kg including cockpit and electronics (permissible payload of the motion platform 130 kg incl. Seat). The Traction+ platform comes complete with professional software that supports all current racing and flight titles on the Windows PC.

At the time of writing, no pricing details, and no release date is known, but Next Level Racing hinted that the Traction+ should become available in a few weeks time. We will keep you posted when more info becomes available.

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