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No modding support possible for Dirt Rally

Dirt Rally  Dirt Rally

No modding support possible for Dirt Rally

During last week, Codemasters community manager Lee Williams joined in on a discussion talking about proper Steam Workshop integration, as a possibility to bring modding to their Dirt Rally title. While Codemasters already hinted that they might add proper Steam Workshop integration to their title it became clear that the term “mod support” is rather different to what the rally sim community might expect it to be.

When talking proper modding, most community members will most likely dream of added community content such as tracks, cars, and new liveries. Lee Williams explained that it will be very unlikely that official content modding support will come to Dirt Rally as it would certainly lead to legal disputes.

Lee Williams explaines, First up I feel like we need to clear the air on the mod support issue following the round of news stories this week. We’re not saying no to the inclusion of it and it’s something we’re still actively looking into, adding it in mid early access wouldn’t make sense for the way we are building the game though and if it was to happen it wouldn’t be until towards the end of that period.

When we use the term “mod support” we’re talking about proper Steam Workshop integration, if we were to add it we would want the system to be as easy to use as possible so more people can enjoy it and that seems like the best way.

As for what kind of things we’ll allow you to mod we’re still working that out but we’re not going to be able to do things like let you add in cars we don’t hold a licence for so you can do something crazy like race an LMP1 car up Pikes Peak (as cool as that would be).

The only thing we do have an issue with is the kind of mods that enable you to set faster times. We see those more as cheats and if something gives you an unfair advantage over everybody else then we’re not cool with that – If you’re using anything like that then we won’t allow your times on our leaderboards, you may even find yourself unable to take part in our online events and leagues too.

So basically Codemasters are repeating that modding support is not yet off the cards, but will most likely only include FOV mods, FFB mods and the likes.

For the Rally Sim community, this might come as somewhat of a disappointment. The hardcore Rally Sim community had to rely on the famed Richard Burns Rally since its release in 2004. Because RBR is aging rapidly, the community has been on the lookout for a replacement platform, hoping that the very well received Early Access version of DIRT Rally would become the new moddable rally Walhalla.

Now it seems that this won’t be happening anytime soon.

Codemasters DiRT Rally marks the return to a more authentic and dangerous off-road racing experience delivering free new content every month, plus a continuous stream of gameplay improvements. Dirt Rally is available on the dedicated official Steam page.

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