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frankalexandre Quote: Recorded "live" with Fraps. Just did this video to show the fantastic working Reiza is making with this car. For me its one of the best sim experience ever drive this car. I'm not a faster driver as you can see. Pay attention to real x virtual velocimenter. Fantastic work by Reiza. Read More
When visiting the GAMESCOM fair in Germany, i also visited the Simbin RaceRoom booth. The " RaceRoom Racing Experience" demo setup was highly in demand. RaceRoom staff where friendly and answered all your questions where possible. I was a little surprised by the track choice, but have to say, that all content looked solid and clean. I am sure this will be a great addition to my SimBin collection when the title gets released. Read More
Honda CR-Z is now racing in Super GT series! 2.8L V6 engine inside the trunk turning this car into an MR layout, electric motor placed on where it used to be rear seats, and battery on the co-driver's seat. How extreme is that? The battle between CR-Z GT and Prius GT now begins! Read More
The new LCD software can now be run on any monitor as a windowed application. If you have an extra monitor, a Mimo USB screen, or run your sim in a windowed mode, then this software will work for you! In addition there is now support for ARCA Sim Racing and Game Stock Car simulations. With these newly supported sims comes an additional 2 new dashboards: The 1980 F1 Dasboard and basic Road Car Dashboard. That brings the total number of dashboards up to 29, with 40 different combinations. Read More visited GamesCom 2012 and had an interview with F1 2012 Senior Producer Paul Jeal . The also filmed some footage showing us the split screen mode of the PS3 version, and focussed in on the Menu of F1 2012. As far as gameplay is concerned they did try a few laps with the Kimi Raikonen Lotus at Spa-Francorchamps. Read More posted some more footage of a the menu structure in the Kunos Simulizioni "Assetto Corsa" sim at Gamescom 2012. When i visited GC the Kunos staff revealed that for modding purposes, it will be very easy to mod the entire Menu look and features. In general that will mean we will eventually be able to make a menu fit the modded content. That said, i have to state that i allready liked the clean and stylish menu as it is in the pre Alpha. Read More
RaceRoom Racing Experience is a Free 2 Race concept where a high end racing game is provided for free. The concept offers the opportunity to purchase additional content, thus allowing every user to build the game of their dreams. RaceRoom Racing Experience™ will be presented at GamesCom in SimBin’s exhibition booth, hosted by publisher RaceRoom Entertainment AG. Read More
kunos-simulazioni Quote: André Böttcher is one of the top world sim.racers, competing in iRacing' F1 world series. He was kind to visit our stand at Gamescom, we have been glad to show him after hours an alpha version of Lotus Exos 125. Car is still in development, it doesn't feature yet the interactive display, physics and graphics modeling haven't been completed yet, sound samples are placeholders. Read More
DigiProst started a new series of videos showing us the Lotus 49 in Slightly Mad Studios "Project CARS" He stated he will continue this video series using Cars, iRacing, CPRSI , rfactor2 and many more. Read More posted some more footage of a drift session with the Kunos Simulizioni Assetto Corsa sim at Gamescom 2012. Read More
A small little visual and audio sample of RaceRoom Racing Experience at their booth recorded during the Press day @GamesCom 2012. Read More
Richard Towler, the iRacing NASCAR World Champion, drives as Regan Smith around Auto Club Speedway in NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. Read More