Recent Posts has reached agreements that will see four of England’s leading race tracks Thruxton, Croft, Mallory Park and Snetterton added to the world’s foremost online motorsports service. Additionally, iRacing announced plans to build a digital version of the Honda Civic 2KC as raced in the British Touring Car Championship. Read More
Niels H. Quote: BETA version! Weight transfer management 101, enter fast corners slightly on the brakes to get some oversteer, then control with right foot and opposite lock! Have to be very careful and must nurse the 1800kg. Then its quite a challenge and great fun! Read More
Youtube User Ericknagy recorded a short preview of the amazing new car for Game Stock Car 2012, the Camaro SS, pace car. As Eric stats It is a beast, with realistic physics developed by Niels Heusinkveld and Renato Simioni. Read More
SimBin are very happy to announce a renewed cooperation with Circuit Park Zandvoort. They have been working with them for a few titles in the past and they will be part of our future titles as well. Read More
Tuttle is still working hard on his Dallara F309. He has been experimenting with multiple cars on track, and has created some LOD`s so far. The main focus seems to be on the cockpit. Something i would like to see more as far as mods are concerned. The future looks bright for the rF2 modding scene. Read More
Feels3 had the Croft track on hold for a few weeks now, while working on other tracks. As he stated on the rF forum, he wanted to wait for a release untill rF2 had gone gold, but , is probably not going to wait that long. The track is about 95% ready, and in his own words, should not take long before release. In the meantime he posted some new screenshots for us to enjoy. Read More
After this mornings post about the Fanatec Wheel adapter, SR Hardware revealed a new Fanatec CSR / CSR-Elite SLI Mounting system. The product is almost ready for release and more info will be up in the next couple of days! Read More
On various Forums and websites, people start to report performance increase on multiple sim platforms, after installing the new nVIDIA BETA drivers. As usual, results can vary on individual systems, but it might be worth to check it out. Read More
The SimFactory posted some pictures taken with the upcoming truck viewer of their Chevy SilveradoTruck sim that is currently in deveopment. Read More
Following the release of the awesome Troyton Raceway recently, SimRaceway is pleased to announce some more exciting additions to our track line-up, all of which can be enjoyed free-of-charge. It’s time to meet their new circuits! You can familiarize yourself with all these awesome tracks completely free-of-charge in Practice Mode or, if you fancy something a little stronger, stay tuned for all-new Events launching on them in the near future. Read More
The crew at SimRacing Hardware [SRH] is working on some new Fanatec goodies! They revealed a first shot of the soon to be released wheel adapter for the Fanatec GT2 / 3 and CSR Wheels. The Adapter will make it possible to mount aftermarket racing wheels to your favourite Sim Racing Wheel. Read More
DreamRacing track events wanted to show you how close the simulators they use ( iRacing) is to "the real thing".. The track is laser scanned and it's the exact reproduction of the 1.1 mile infield course of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, that you will master during the Dream Racing Experience™. Before the real driving session you will be put in their iRacing simulator for a training session that will help you to familiarize with the controls and learn the track. Read More