Partnership Brings TCR Series Officially To iRacing

Partnership BringS TCR Series Officially To iRacing
TCR Virtual Challenge

iRacing and WSC have officially announced a long-term agreement to officially add the TCR Series to the online racing service.

In the coming months, iRacing’s four current TCR touring car models, the Audi RS3 LMS, Hyundai Elantra N, Hyundai Veloster N, and Honda Civic Type R, will all have the TCR branding added to them, and their standalone series will be renamed the iRacing TCR Virtual Challenge.

In addition, any future TCR cars to join iRacing’s roster of more than 120 officially licensed vehicles will carry the TCR branding as well, and further conversations about additional ways to expand the partnership will be happening in the coming months.

The TCR, which stands for Touring Car Championship, is an international touring car racing series. It features production-based cars with 2.0-liter turbocharged engines that have been modified for racing. This means that the cars on the track resemble the high-performance versions of the cars you might see driving around on the street.

The TCR series is sanctioned by the FIA, the international governing body for motorsport, and is currently held in over 30 countries and regions around the world, making it one of the most widespread racing series globally. Under the FIA status, the series will be known as the Kumho FIA TCR World Tour from 2024.

In North America, the TCR series was previously sanctioned by the IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) under the name IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge TCR. As of October 2023, the IMSA no longer sanctions the TCR series in North America. Currently, there is no single sanctioning body for the series in the region.

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our new partnership with WSC to add TCR to iRacing,” said iRacing president Tony Gardner. “The TCR formula is globally recognized as the standard for touring car racing, and the four TCR vehicles already in iRacing have proven to be very popular with racers of all skill levels from around the world. TCR is also very active in esports with their own events, making the alignment an even more natural fit. We’re excited to work with them to bring the TCR license to iRacing and expand what is already a very popular discipline on the sim. We’re looking forward to many great years of virtual racing to come!

Marcello Lotti, WSC President said: We are proud of this new partnership with iRacing because it will give a crucial contribution to further strengthen the image on TCR competition in the North America region. On top of this, the partnership with such an important platform will be especially appreciated from all TCR fans around the world who are interested in SIM racing activities.

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