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Plenty of new PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Footage

30 Minutes of PS4 Gran Turismo Sport Footage

Sony Interactive Entertainment, Hong Kong was attending the Ani-Com & Games conference  Asia on July 28th where they showcased 30 minutes of Gran Turismo Sport gameplay.

While these videos show us the usual embarrassing ” let’s hit all the barriers because I have no clue what I am doing ” kinda gameplay, it is nevertheless interesting to see some more in-game footage of the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport title for the PS4.

Polyphony Digital already stated that GT Sports will run at 60 FPS and this seems to have an effect on the graphics side of things. While the graphics are looking pretty good, they seem to lack polished details we have recently seen in the competing console titles such as Forza Motorsport 6 and Driveclub.

That said, the reason for this slightly underwhelming eye candy, might be the most interesting part of GT Sport. Polyphony Digital has stated that with Gran Turismo Sport they will be focusing more on the driving physics and online competition side of race gaming including live broadcasts, realistic flag rules, a safety car, and last but not least, the opportunity to earn a FIA Gran Turismo Digital License that will enable players to participate in real world motorsport events. (A feature that makes us raise an eyebrow, but that’s an entirely different topic.)

Let us hope this new GT iteration is all it promises to be. While in the past, the Gran Turismo franchise always raised the bar and has made race gaming history, they now have to face some fierce competition.

While it’s great to learn that Gran Turismo Sport is aiming to become a slightly more simulation-based console racer, they will also have to compete with the awesome Assetto Corsa title which is coming to PS4 and Xbox One consoles next month. Assetto Corsa is considered to become the first real sim racing title for a console, and might appeal to a large group of former Gran Turismo fans. Time will tell…

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