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PM3DM modding back on track.

Patric Marek LMP

PM3DM modding back on track.

Talented modeler Patrik Marek (PM3DM) who you may know as very active member in the Assetto Corsa modding community, took a little break from modding and kept himself busy with some render practice.  After having suffered a major hard drive crash back in November, Patrik has salvaged his precious data and is back as an active community member.

His latest post shows us a beautiful render of the Marek RP 339H Prototype for Project CARS.

The interesting part is that the fictional Marek RP 339H LMP1 was designed by Patrik Marek and was the joint winner of a prototype design contest held by Slightly Mad Studios after which the car model was selected to be included in the game as official content. The virtual LMP1 features a 3.4L Hybrid engine and modern endurance body kit featuring optimized aerodynamics.

Later on, the Slightly Mad Studios development team designed an LMP2 variant of the car. The livery as seen in the render is Patric’s own design and features the MarekRP logo which was designed by Ryan Day.

Some more news about PM3DM comes in the form of a new video clip showing us the continued work on his 1999 Nissan Primera BTCC mod for Assetto Corsa. As you can see in the video below, Patrik is revising the backfires effects for the popular Primera mod.

Besides the Primera video clip, we can also admire some new in-game screenshots of the upcoming Toyota Altis TC. Patrik has re-balanced the shaders and is currently working on the MOTEC display.

Last but not least, in recent months PM3DM teased us with some scans of a 1999 Renault Laguna Touring Car, an Alfa Romeo 156 Super Touring, and a BMW E36 Touring Car. If time and motivation allow it, we are in for some impressive releases by PM3DM.