Qubic System Hits The Market

Qubic System

It’s always nice to see a new brand hit the sim racing market.

Many sim racers might already be familiar with the Polish Motion Systems brand. Since 2009, the Motion Systems company designs, develops, builds, and assembles a variety of flexible, durable, and high-performing motion technology solutions for the professional market.

Now Motion Systems is introducing Qubic System. This new brand will bring the experience and product quality of the Motion Systems company to the demanding sim racing enthusiast.

Qubic System introduces a selection of Motion Platforms, Motion Cockpits, and high-end Sim Racing accessories, ranging from the Qubic System QS-220-PL Actuator Kit to the Full 6 DOF Qubic System QS-S25 Motion cockpit.

You can check out the brand and its products via the new website at qubicsystem.com

Qubic System  QS-220-PL
Qubic System QS-CH1

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