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R3E patch coming soon

R3E patch

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R3E patch coming in a few weeks time

Simbin submitted a new post on their development blog, announcing they will have a big RaceRoom Racing Experience patch ready in 2-3 weeks time. This R3E patch will include the Multiplayer Alpha for Season Pass Holders.

While performing the closed Multi-player Alpha tests, the development team got access to plenty of test results, observations and feedback. With this feedback in mind, the decided to add a few more things to the Multi-Player Alpha before going live. They explain that some features will already be included  in the big patch, while other will be patched in later.

Added features:

  • Start lights in the HUD as players could not see the actual lights on the tracks from a distance.
  • The Multi-Player Browser is now sorting by player count in a server. More filtering/sorting options will be implemented later.
  • A new information box to the MP Browser which shows the settings (flag rules, fuel usage, tire wear, mechanical damage etc.)
  • Info regarding friends playing on that particular server.
  • A new information screen (e.g hold TAB to see who is on the server, their ping times etc.)
  • New cut track rules will be implemented. (3 different levels)
  • Various improvements to our Wrecker Prevention system.
  • Small HUD changes to better inform the player about which session they are in.

Simbin explains that aside from these additional features they have also added a lot of fixes and improvements. Closed Beta testers should keep in mind that the MP Alpha testing phase on WIP application will end sometime next week.

What’s in the Big R3E Patch?

(The full patch-notes will be released with the patch.)

  • Improved road shaders
  • Lot’s of improvements to our water and road shaders.
  • Added the ability to adjust the amount of head movement in the cockpit. We know a lot of you asked for this as it was disorienting for some.
  • Various improvements and fixes to steering. Fixed jittery/jerky steering when taking corners.
  • Added the ability to scroll the car/class/livery selection wheels in the main menu. We ran out of space so we had to add a scroll 🙂 This of course will be replaced with WEB based menus in the future.
  • Re-factored the code further and improved the performance issues that occurred when certain overlays appeared.
  • Re-factored the AI code to improve their performance and to avoid having to have “workarounds” to get them to behave properly on certain occasions.
  • Various fixes to the sound engine.
  • Various art fixes to cars and tracks.
  • Various improvements bug fixes in the code.

What’s Next?

With the Multi-Player Alpha patch almost ready, some of the development team members started focusing on the next big planned improvements.
The temporary R3E User Interface that will include the MP Alpha will also include Single Races.

Simbin is also preparing the code base and the structure for the big switch to the WEB technology based menu and interface system. This will also replace the temp UI mentioned above.
The physics team will be improving the code for force feedback and road feel. The default controller profiles will also be updated. in July the development will slow down a little bit due to the summer break.

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