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R3E Pit Radio App by mr_Belowski.

RaceRoom Racing Experience API

R3E Pit Radio App by mr_Belowski.

Last week, Sector3 officially published their shared memory API for  their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulator. Mr_Belowski went straight to work and hacked together a little app that will enable you to enjoy pit radio messages while racing in R3E.

The app development is still in its early stages but does already work quite nicely. When downloaded, just unzip the package and execute the enclosed CrewChief.exe file before firing up R3E.


You are allowed to change the sound files to your own preference. Just replace the .wav files in the sounds subfolder. Each subfolder can have one or more wav files the app will pickup and play at random. The wav file in the root of the sound folder is the radio ‘beep’. You can follow up on the app’s progress at the RaceRoom forum thread.

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