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RaceRoom Black Friday Sale All-In-One deal

RaceRoom Racing Experience Black Friday

RaceRoom Black Friday Sale All-In-One deal

RaceRoom Black Friday Sale All-In-One deal

Sector3 Studios is getting ready for the annual Black Friday Sale.

While RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) is one of the most promising sim racing titles out there, a part of the community expressed their opinion regarding the somewhat confusing pricing system. R3E is most certainly superb value for money, but we tend to agree that the use of a virtual currency and the cross vehicle content packs are confusing at best.

If you are still in doubt about purchasing RameRoom Racing Experience, for one of the above reasons, you will now have a fantastic opportunity.

This coming Friday (27/11/2015), Sector3 Studios will start a very special offer lasting the entire weekend.

As a Black Friday promotion sale, you will be able to get ALL the current R3E content for only 49,99 €.

Summed up this means that the 49,99 € will get you 87 car models in 24 car classes ranging from historic classics to hill climb racers to modern touring cars, prototypes and GT cars. The cars will feature more than 500 unique high-quality car liveries.

Furthermore, you will be able to race the obtained cars at a selection of 29 highly detailed tracks that feature 65 unique track layouts.

So make sure to check out or this weekend.


Racing Experience (R3E) is the worldwide leading free-to-play Motorsport simulations for PC and is your point of access to international race series like ADAC GT Masters, DTM and WTCC as well as legendary race cars and world renowned race tracks.

A selection of free content is available to you in single- and multi-player modes. Online events provide you the opportunity to experience also premium game content for free. Optional game content like race cars, car liveries and tracks you can purchase anytime individually or in content packages with the in-game currency “virtual Race Points (vRP).”


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