RaceRoom – First NSU 1200 TT CUP preview

NSU 1200 TT CUP for R3E

RaceRoom NSU 1200 TT CUP

RaceRoom – First NSU 1200 TT CUP preview

We said it before and say it again… When it comes to original car licenses, RaceRoom is the absolute king of the game. Especially for classic car enthusiasts, the RaceRoom content contains some mouthwatering car models.

Sector3 Studios surprises us today with another very exciting announcement. The RaceRoom development team posted a teaser screenshot showing us the NSU 1200 TT CUP car in action on the RaceRoom version of the Nordschleife. At this time, no release date or further details are known.

Back in the seventies, the NSU 1200 TT competition cars were very popular, small but agile compact racers. The most famous one is without a doubt the orange #71 Jagermeister sponsored NSU 1200 TT driven by Willi Bergmeister. ( Father of current racing drivers Joerg and Tim Bergmeister) Besides being successful on the racing circuit, between 1971 and 1974 the small but great-hearted NSU TT and NSU TTS were the most successful German cars on the national Hillclimb scene.

The original NSU Prinz was an automobile produced in West Germany by the NSU Motorenwerke AG. The car was built from 1957 to 1973. Somewhat later the NSU Prinz evolved into the larger bodied NSU 1000, NSU 1000TT, NSU 1200TT and NSU TTS models. The NSU 1200 TT and TTS outperformed many sports-cars of its time.


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