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RaceRoom – New Hotfix Released

RaceRoom - New Hotfix Released

RaceRoom Hotfix

RaceRoom – New Hotfix Released

Sector3 Studios has released a small hotfix for their RaceRoom Racing Experience simulator.

With this latest patch, the development team continues fixing some online multiplayer issues that were experienced by some players. The hotfix also patches a turn one corner cut issue on the Portimao track.

If you experience some more problems, you can help out by posting a message on the official RaceRoom forums.

(Included screenshot by Larcin)



  • Fixed an issue where weight penalties were automatically enabled in multiplayer when there are multiple race sessions in an event.
  • Fixed issue with people getting Disqualified on race start. Players are now force moved to their correct start location when countdown phase begins.
  • Fixed issue with players starting in the garage having to do one more lap in a race.
  • Fixed Race sessions 2 and 3 showing as Race 1 in Session Info.
  • Fixed an issue with the dedicated server using reversed qualifying result when setting up race 1.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI

  • Portimao – Fixed turn 1 cut corridor being too narrow.
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