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RaceRoom – New Update Patch Released

RaceRoom - New Update Patch Released

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RaceRoom – New Update Patch Released

Sector3 Studios has released a small update patch for their RaceRoom Racing simulator.

On November the 15th Sector3 Studios released a major RaceRoom update bringing us a big list of new features and improvements.  Unfortunately, the update introduced a few unexpected issues. The most noticeable where the server problems, and long loading times. The development team went straight to work on a hotfix to resolve the most urgent issues. Yesterday the dev team released yet another patch to iron out some of the remaining problems while optimizing the backend to improve the loading times.  Check out the changelog for the full list of fixes.

If you experience some more problems, you can help out by posting a message on the official RaceRoom forums.



  • Fixed an issue with rules presets not functioning in Single Event Mode.
  • Made the Manual Control of Depth of Field bindable in control settings.
  • Fixed so the mandatory pitstop window is now defined by a percentage of the total race time.
  • Fixed a rare crash that was occurring when coming back to main menu.
  • Added support for Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer steering wheel.


  • Fixed so Race 2 / Race 3 sessions are working as intended.
  • Fixed so reversed grid option in MP is working as intended.
  • Made a potential fix for cars that would disappear and remain invisible for long periods.

Sounds, Cameras, Physics, AI

  • Bathurst : New sets of TV cameras


  • Hungaroring : Resurface job to reduce bumpiness.

Portal & Backend

  • Various fixes and further optimizations in the backend to improve loading times caused by certain packs containing too many items.
  • Changed so the packs are no longer re-purchasable after it gets a new content added.
  • Added so the Car Class Packs appear under Packs section.
  • Fixed cancel and close buttons on some portal popups not working.
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