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RaceRoom presents the Official Online WTCC series (TCOne)

RaceRoom - TCOne

RaceRoom presents the Official Online WTCC series (TCOne)

Sector3 Studios is proud to announce the 2016 TCOne Official Online WTCC series Championship that is run by TouringProSeries (TPS) in conjunction with Sector3, RaceRoom and the FIA WTCC Organisation.

The online TCOne championship is officially endorsed by the FIA WTCC and will make use of the RaceRoom WTCC 2015 car and track content. All the races will be broadcasted live and feature professional commentary.

So if you are ready for some serious sim racing action, keep on reading…


TCOne Official Online WTCC series Championship

What is TCOne?
TCOne is run by TouringProSeries (TPS) in conjunction with Sector3, RaceRoom and FIA WTCC.

The TCOne Series 2016 will count as the sixth iteration of WTCC touring car racing at TPS. This season will use the WTCC 2015 carset available in the game RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Who runs TPS?
Ryan Callan (Co-Founder, Management, Media)
Keith Barrick (Co-Founder, Marketing, Funding)
Robert Wiesenmueller (Consultancy)

When are the TCOne races?
Dates and times for each event are available in this post.

I don’t want to drive, I just want to watch, can I?
Absolutely, all races will be streamed live via! WTCC and RaceRoom goodies will also be given out to viewers of the stream!

Who can drive in the league and what do I need?
Anybody is eligible to drive in the league, as long as they are signed up to this forum (preferably with their full name), and have no outstanding suspensions from TPS, and also using their real name in-game. You will need a basic understanding of computers, at least a gamepad as a controller (preferably a steering wheel, keyboard driving is not recommended), and the required content for the league, available for purchase in R3E. You will also need TeamSpeak 3 (TS), details about TS below.

What content do I need?
You will need R3E, at least one WTCC 2015 car and all the tracks contained within the calendar, these can be purchased via the R3E store, in-game or via your browser. R3E is a free-to-play title, where each user adds the specific content they want.

How does TPS communicate with us, the drivers and teams?
This forum is the key way to communicate with drivers ahead of and after each event, and all drivers are required to have a forum account, using their real first and surname. All important amended league information or updates are posted in the ‘Important League Updates’ thread, once the season is up and running; this should be your first port of call when checking the forum for updates.

I have not registered on the forum with my real name?
This is just preferable, not essential. It is essential to race with your real name however, without any suffixes and with correct capitilisation.

How do I sign-up?
To actually sign-up for this league (or any league we run), read the information provided in the top post of the ‘Sign-Up’ thread, post in the required fashion and that’s it! This is after you have made yourself familiar with the league information such as the calendar, rules and cars themselves of course.

Where can I ask questions?
All questions are encouraged and can be posted in the Help & Discussion thread. You may feel the need to Private Message me directly, which all are free to do.

Are there any costs involved?
No fee is applicable to this series.

Where can I find the general TCOne rules and regulations?
Specific information for this series is located here. The TPS rulebook is available here.

I don’t have a teammate, what do I do?
You don’t have to have a teammate in the series in order to participate, but in order to be eligible for the team’s championship, you must enter as a two-car team. If you need a teammate or a team, you can respond to, or indeed post, an advert in this thread.

What comes next?
The next stage in the league (aside from practice!) is PreQualification. This is used to decide the grid allocations for the opening event of the championship, with the top 64 qualifiers (dependent on sign-ups) racing across two servers, taking place at the same time, with reduced points available for drivers in the second group.

However, in the points distribution, there is overlap between the two servers (eg, a win in group two is worth much more than last place in group one), allowing movement between the two groups, from event to event, as, from the second round onwards, group allocations are decided by overall championship standings, with some exemptions.

PreQualification details are available here. If you are unclear on these details, please do ask any questions in the Discussionthread. Others are probably wondering the same thing, so you would be helping more than just yourself!

NB: PreQualification only takes place before the start of the season, so just practice is needed ahead of further events.

Is there a way of chatting with other drivers during testing, or in the races?
TeamSpeak 3 is our current chosen method of communication via voice chat with other drivers and TPS Staff. You will need a headset or PC Microphone in order to chat, but you are welcome to join the server and listen to others if you like. Respect the fact that certain teams like to have private channels to communicate, and be polite when engaging with others. Information for our TeamSpeak server can be found here.

Currently TeamSpeak use is mandatory for all drivers during the events to the lack of in-game chat room, even if drivers are not going to be using any kind of audio communication, admins can then communicate via it’s text functions.

From here, the next stage (aside from more practice!) is the events themselves. Servers are open 24/7 for open and unlimited practice prior to each event. Each event in TCOne will feature three qualifying sessions, three races and two intervals. This will be run one after the other in this order:

  1. Qualifying 1 (5 mins) (10 mins for Nordschleife)
  2. Race 1 (typically 20 mins)
  3. Interval 1 (approx 10 mins)
  4. Qualifying 2 (as above)
  5. Race 2 (as above)
  6. Interval 2 (as above)
  7. Qualifying 3 (as above)
  8. Race 3 (as above)

Results from these races are then immediately declared provisional, due to pending incident reviews, and published on our statistics site.

I was involved in an incident, and wish it to be investigated, what do I do?
Incidents will not be investigated in real time, but must be reported to the administrator of the series via a private message in this forum within 48 hours of the incident taking place. From there it will be investigated by a panel and results published within 5 days of the event. Any appeals must also be placed with the series administrator. Further information on incident reports, and the location for where penalties that have been applied, will be posted in due course.

Will there be live TCOne broadcasts?
There will be live broadcasts of each and every division one event.

I can’t attend (a) event(s), what do I do?
Attendance is of paramount importance in TPS, but of course, real life can get in the way. We do ask that this enforced absence is reported in the thread provided prior to race day (usually titled TCOne: Absence Report), and if not, within 48 hours after to the event start. Failure to fulfill either of these reasonable and polite requests will result in automatic removal from the series.

This strict rule is in place to protect those who want to race, and have missed out for whatever reason, and to make sure they don’t miss out in the future, to drivers who are not as committed as they are.

I want to use a personal livery, how can I do this?
Unfortunately, R3E does not currently support custom liveries.


Brief Overview of  the TCOne 2016 Calendar

  1. 21 May Zandvoort (GP)
  2. 04 Jun Nürburgring (Short)
  3. 18 Jun Mid Ohio (No Chicane)
  4. 02 Jul Sonoma (Sprint)
  5. 16 Jul Brands Hatch (Indy)
  6. 30 Jul Salzburgring
  7. 13 Aug Suzuka (West)
  8. 27 Aug Nordschleife (Nordschleife)

Race Day Schedule
All events will consist of three races of 20 minutes, with qualifying sessions for each. Qualifying sessions feature a rolling start and are private (alone on track)). There will be no mandatory pitstops. (Nordschleife qualifying will be 10 minutes)

  • Practice: all days prior to event
  • Qualifying 1: 17:30GMT
  • Race 1: 17:35GMT
  • Interval 1:18:00GMT
  • Qualifying 2: 18:05GMT
  • Race 2: 18:10GMT
  • Interval 2: 18:35GMT
  • Qualifying 3: 18:40GMT
  • Race 3: 18:45GMT

Qualifying sessions are unlimited laps in a closed session, with a rolling start. Unlike rFactor or Game Stock Car, your final lap in the session must be completed before the timer hits sixteen seconds left, instead of started, to count.

Throughout the season, UK is GMT+1, while CET is GMT+2, meaning qualifying one will start at 1830UK and 1930CET. US Eastern Time will be GMT-4 throughout, while Oceanians will have to double check their own timezones, but will be around GMT+8-11.

All times are approximate, and especially for the second and third stages of the event, times may fluctuate by around five minutes. Sessions will never start early.

Eligible cars

WTCC 2015:

  1. Chevrolet Cruze
  2. Citroen C-Elysee
  3. Honda Civic
  4. Lada Vesta

Server Settings
Difficulty: GetReal
Fuel Usage: Normal
Tyre Wear: Normal
Mechanical Damage: On
Qualifying: Unlimited laps, open session, separate qualifying for both races
Parc Fermé : No
Formation Lap: No
Type of Start: Standing
Damage: Realistic
Time Scale: Normal
Fixed Setups: No
Flag Rules: Black Only
Cut Rules Penalties: TPS rules during races, with no in-game interference. Full and only in-game regulation during practice and qualifying sessions.
Mandatory Pitstop: Off
Automatic Clutch: Allowed
Automatic Gears: Disallowed  –


RaceRoom TCOne 2016