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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Race the BMW Z4 GT3 for prizes provided by Intel.


SimBin Quote:

Throughout the development of RaceRoom Racing Experience, we have created working relationships with various hardware manufacturers. During the last six months, we’ve enjoyed the cultivation of a strong business and technical relationship with Intel® Corporation, and as a direct result have managed to optimize the title for Intel Ultrabooks.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with a company so successful in the hardware industry. Intel has provided us with the tools and technology needed to bring RaceRoom Racing Experience to the gaming hardware of the future. ”

– Chris Speed, COO – SimBin Studios AB

Today we’re pleased to announce the ‘Race For The Bridge’ competition, with prizes being provided by Intel.
“We’re thoroughly impressed with the work SimBin Studios has delivered with their latest project. Our excitement about the future of RaceRoom Racing Experience has prompted us to show our support for what the platform brings to motorsport fans everywhere.”

– Ian Crook, Sr. Marketing Manager, Intel Corporation

Beginning with the release of the open beta, every user will have the chance to compete for valuable prizes provided by Intel while enjoying R3E’s free-to-play content.
More information about the this competition below…
Race for the Bridge

Now through the 28th of February, race the BMW Z4 GT3 for free in the Race for the Bridge with prizes provided by Intel®. You’ll drive the Bridge layout of the brand new RaceRoom Raceway circuit while battling for your share of Intel’s best in class processors and ultra fast SSD storage.


1st Place:

  • 1x DZ77GA-70K Intel Motherboard
  • 1x i7 3770k Intel CPU
  • 1x 480gb 520 Series SSD

2nd Place:

  • 1x i7 3770k Intel CPU
  • 1x 480gb 520 Series SSD

3rd Place:

  • 1x 480gb 520 Series SSD
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