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RaceRoom Racing Experience DEV Blog + Audi IMSA 90 GTO Previews

Development news, Multi-Player info and the Audi IMSA 90 GTO

A while ago, the Simbin development team mentioned that they where planning to update the tracks in RaceRoom Racing Experience on a biweekly basis by means of update patches. The second patch was supposed to be distributed this week. Unfortunately Simbin announced they will delay the update for a few weeks. This however, is not going to be bad news. The reason for this delay is a rather interesting one. While the Dev team has to overhaul all tracks to remove the corner markers, as promised, the team will now also be removing all the banners and billboards that are not part of their real life counterparts. The said banners will not be removed in the literal sense of the word, but will be disabled by default. This way the banners will still be available to use for sponsored competitions and the likes. We believe that this is another positive step towards the future of RRE and bring it closer to the more Sim Racing orientated public. A high level of realism in both car and track models is always a highly appreciated factor in any sim title. In the press release, Simbin also announced that they are starting to push work on the Multiplayer Alpha and explains how this feature will be implemented.


Multiplayer Alpha, as the name suggests, is by no means a finished feature and it will be purely basic Multiplayer. We will start with a limited amount of servers to stress test certain things. For this we decided to make it available to a limited amount of players to make sure it’s not too overcrowded and the amount of player and server traffic has an ongoing balance. Initially, Multiplayer Alpha will be made available to DTM Experience Season Pass holders only (players who have the Season Pass sticker in their profile). In other words, it will be available for players who have purchased a redeem code for DTM Experience 2013 + Season Pass via The season pass deal is still going until the end of this month by the way. Multiplayer Alpha will definitely have issues. It might be unstable at times. It might be buggy. Performance might be terrible, lag might ruin your experience and a lot of other negatives that come with testing an Alpha feature. But in the end it will help us improve it and make Multiplayer an Experience everyone can enjoy. We aim to share Multiplayer Alpha in DTM Experience for Season Pass holders, before this summer (so in like a month or so). Depending on how things go we will then make it available to more players in R3E.

On the technical side it is stated that the latest NVIDIA drivers are still crashing while running the game. Simbin is already in contact with NVIDIA to get the issue resolved asap.  Users who experience the issue are encouraged to revert back to the NVIDIA drivers 332.21 WHQL. Last but not least, Simbin shows us the first preview renders of the upcoming Audi IMSA 90 GTO. Known internally as the R5, the 90 IMSA GTO made its debut in Miami for a 45-minute sprint race. Sadly enough both cars failed to finish. However, in round four of the championship at Summit Point Hans Stuck and Hurley Haywood scored a one-two victory. The Audi would cross the finish line in first position another 6 times.


Here at Bsim we are jumping up and down in joy. This is one of the most wanted sim racing cars arround, and so far the model looks just about amazing. Knowing that the car was also famous for its (Turbo) sound, we cant wait to hear what the Simbin sound developer can do with it. A little bird told us that the sound wizard already had some practise when it comes to creating turbo engine sounds. So we are honestly exited.

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Audi IMSA 90 GTO

Audi 90 GTO cockpit  Audi 90 GTO Wireframe