RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW 635CSi Licenced.




Simbin lannounced the licence deal with BMW a while ago. 

The BMW 320 Turbo Gr 5 was the first Bavarian creation shown. Now the second car has been revealed.
RaceRoom Racing Experience will welcome the BMW 635 CSi.

Insider.SimBin Quote:

Time for some more BMW news. We mentioned last time that there would be more cars to come from our license agreement with BMW, so here is car nr2!

We are happy to share with you that the 2nd car for RaceRoom Racing Experience on the BMW license will be the BMW 635 CSi Gr. A.

With its front mounted water cooled 6 cylinder engine, and an output of nearly 300 BHP, this car was a strong contender in the championships it ran in. Drivers like H.J. Stuck, Roberto Ravaglia and Gerhard Berger, are just to a few of the greats who raced this car in its heydays.



RaceRoom Racing Experience – BMW 635CSi Licenced. 

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