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RaceRoom racing Experience Multiplayer Test Race – Q&A Session

RaceRoom Racing Experience Multiplayer Test

RaceRoom Racing Experience – Testing Multiplayer – Q&A Session

While Simbin is no more, and the new Studio name has not yet been revealed, the R3E development team continues to work hard on the RaceRoom Racing Experience  simulator. Yesterday the team broadcasted a Multiplayer test session on, letting us all have a look at the progress of the title. In this video we can have a first look at the new (temporary) menu system. In a later stage the Development team will switch over to a full web-based menu.

While initially the title was introduced as a social orientated racer, the RaceRoom Racing Experience development updates seem to make this title more and more appealing to Sim Racers. The visuals are certainly up to standards, and the sound system is one of the  better ones out there. While the driving physics are already more then believable, the development team is still improving the feel and feedback of both vehicles and road surface. With the official multiplayer implementation, R3E will most certainly become a fierce contender in the Sim Racing market.

During the Multiplayer Test Stream the chat window was used to give gamers the opportunity to post questions. This Q&A session revealed a few interesting details of what is to come, so when interested make sure you pay attention to the commentating.  The next update for RaceRoom Racing Experience is scheduled to be released on September 9th.

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