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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Multiplayer Video Preview.


After last weeks post covering the fact that RaceRoom Racing Experience seems to be heading in the right direction, when it comes to pleasing the online Sim Racing fan, some very exiting news has now been turned into a very promising preview video!  Over at RaceDepartment, Simbin released a small preview video to show the community that the Simbin development team is hard at work to get RRE multiplayer ready. The latest test build is reported to already allow up to 24 players online.

In this video we can watch an internal Beta testing session. A rather impressive looking multiplayer race with a pack of BMW 320 TC touring cars on the Dutch Circuit park Zandvoort. ¬†And lets admit it, even though its recorded on a¬†smartphone it looks and sounds just great don’t¬†you think? woohoo…

Simbin stated that they have obtained a WTCC 2013 license for RRE and that we can expect the entire field of brands including all the official circuits and teams to be available on the Steam  platform in the near future. So get ready to make some room in your garage for a Chervrolet, Lada, Honda,Volvo or Seat. Bumper to bumper racing is becoming a part of your online racing career once more.

It is also reported that SimBin‚Äôs former programmer Mark Reynolds has returned to the Swedish software Developer and will be reworking the physics of RaceRoom Racing Experience. With this little news update, Simbin answered two of the most requested community questions. When will we get multiplayer functionality, and will the physics be optimised? Whilst it is not clear at this moment in time, the video showed us that our patience will be rewarded. In 2013 the competition between developers ¬†to please the Sim Racing community has been fierce to say the least, but it becomes clear that we certainly cant rule out the Simbin title. And who knows… The RRE frog might just turn into a GTR3 princess. ¬†

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