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RaceRoom Racing Experience – RaceRoom Hillclimb track announced.



Simbin announced that the RaceRoom Hillclimb track will be available in R3E during Easter.

Simbin Quote:

We are happy to let you know that RaceRoom Hillclimb will be available in R3E during Easter.

RaceRoom Hillclimb is created in house by our colleague, Johan Friden (Track Artist), so we went to ask him a few questions on what goes into creating this kind of track.

Johan: To begin with we decided where to locate the track and we came up with the idea of locating it in the French mountains. Why the decision fell on the French mountains, was based on the fact that we didn’t have a Hillclimb from France and we simply thought the stages provided there are marvelous to look at and they must be exhilarating to race on.

After deciding where to locate the track, we needed references. What kind of terrain did we want? What kind of vegetation? Buildings? etc. Instead of travelling to the Alps, we used Google Street View to get inspirartion of the area…



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