RaceRoom – Ranked Multiplayer Trailer 2021

RaceRoom Racing Experience

It is safe to say that iRacing has been the king of the Ranked Multiplayer experience since 2008. However, it’s great to see that both Sector 3 Studios RaceRoom and Studio 397’s rFactor 2 are catching up and have taken ranked online racing to heart.

With its latest official video, Sector 3 Studios are further promoting their constantly improving RaceRoom Racing Experience Ranked Multiplayer system.

RaceRoom players can start their online racing career and join thousands of active drivers in a competitive online mode! You can work your way up from rookie servers to higher tier classes by earning Reputation and Rating points. Enter Daily and Weekly Events, driving a great variety of GT, Touring, Formula, and Historic Cars on a broad selection of world-famous tracks.

The core RaceRoom Racing Experience racing simulator is free for all and can be installed from this Steam link. Commercial add-ons are available in the RaceRoom Store.

RaceRoom Ranked Racing

RaceRoom Multiplayer Ranking (beta)

This table is generated from the races taking place only on the various [RR] RANKED multiplayer sessions. You will find them in the list of multiplayer servers inside RaceRoom.


The formula is based on an ELO rating system with many refinements to accurately rate racing events. Each player starts at 1,500 and can then go up or down depending on the results. RaceRoom takes into consideration several variables to compute the rating of each driver who took part in a race. The more races you do, the more accurate the rating will become.


The reputation score reflects the behavior of each player on track. What hurts the reputation of a player is not only the frequency of incidents, but also temper comes into play with things such as a tendency to rage quit. The reputation will slowly rise (or drop) as more races are recorded until reaching a stable and accurate value.

Activity Score

Every time you go on a ranked server, your activity score rises to a maximum of value of 5. If you do not race in ranked servers for a while, the activity score will slowly drop down to 0.

Official Webpages – game.raceroom.comsector3studios.com

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